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Green Light Solar Solution


Trina Solar

Trina Solar is the number one choice of solar panels in Australia, and has recently become the leading solar panel manufacturer in the world. A vertically integrated,

Tier 1 Company with manufacturing of all panels based in China, Trina Solar is committed to the ongoing advancement of the efficiency and quality of their solar panel products. In 2014, Trina Solar realized the milestone of shipping over 1GW in one quarter. They also broke the solar cell efficiency world record 7 times that year. To date, the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology has broken 15 world records on solar cell efficiency and module power.

Case Study Australian Installation by Trina Solar

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Solar Panel Benefits


Trina solar panels are

designed and quality tested

to withstand extreme



Optimised to work in both

bright and low light

conditions plus self cleaning

glass technology.


For peace of mind our solar

panels come with a 10-year

product warranty and a

competitive 25-year

performance warranty.